Make Informed Decisions on Business Ownership

Are you considering starting a business? Make informed decision and join us to receive news, resources and tools to help you in your research.


 “Our mission is to mentor and educate aspiring entrepreneurs in choosing the right business path that is in alignment with their strengths and their goals in order to maximize their success and happiness once in business.”

OPEN FOR BUSINESS teaches you how to research and choose “the right business for you” before you jump into the world of entrepreneurship. As you begin the thrilling journey of starting a business, you will find that the cost of not knowing what you don’t know can be tremendous to your business and even traumatic to you and your family. OPEN FOR BUSINESS helps you embrace business ownership with your eyes wide open. Let us show you what we know and share who we know as your resources. With our guidance, you put the odds of success on your side well before you invest significant money, time and energy in a business that might not be the right vehicle for you and what you want to accomplish. OPEN FOR BUSINESS is your GPS to navigate the world of self-sufficiency and empowerment. We teach you how to identify the right business based on your strengths and your aspirations. Through our online education and our private and group coaching sessions you will learn how to:

  • Identify & leverage your strengths in talents, skills, behavior, and discover your genius zone which is where you want to be when in business for yourself.
  • Transition from the mindset of an employee to that of the employer / entrepreneur.
  • Get clarity on your goals and priorities in life and select a business that can actually support these for you and your family.
  • Identify the pros and cons of several business formats including a new startup from your idea, a turn-key concept such as a franchise, or an acquisition of an existing business, and decide on the right business format for you. Understand the possibilities and limitations of an absentee model versus a full time operation, and a home based versus a location driven brick and mortar concept.
  • Refine your new business startup idea so that it will fly and not flop with a proven methodology called the Lean Canvas Business Plan.
  • Find and evaluate small business(es) that are for sale in your chosen geographic area and that you might consider acquiring. What questions to ask your broker and what can they do and cannot do for you. How to read between the lines of the financials shared by the seller.
  • Find and validate turn-key businesses such as a franchises or business opportunities, learn their difference and what your franchise consultant/broker can do and cannot do for you. Line up the right questions to ask to the franchisors and existing franchisees. Understand the secret messages hidden in a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and what you can and cannot negotiate that your franchise broker might not tell you or know.
  • Research business models in several sectors of industry and how to look for growing trends.
  • Vet various business concepts with our decision-making business tools.
  • Locate funding sources for startup and/or working capital including how to pay yourself during ramp-up.
  • Build a checklist of action items to get your business started and off the ground.
  • Understand how to grow equity in your business so that you can sell it when ready to exit.
  • And more!

We share the tools you need in your toolbox to become a savvy business owner while building the life that you envision. Use OPEN FOR BUSINESS to your advantage and before you leap into business for yourself!

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