“Our mission is to provide practical education and resources to help individuals strategize business ownership in alignment with their goals in Lifestyle, Income, Freedom and Equity and for optimal success”

Open For Business is a business ownership lab founded by Patricia Bottero St-Jean, International Business Advisor, Mentor and Speaker. Open For Business is an educational environment aiming to optimize success in small business ownership to aspiring, to new and to established business owners, and to raise awareness of the opportunities in small to mid size business (SMB) either as full-time owners/operators or as absentee/semi-absentee investors.
It is not how you want to work, it is how you want to live. In our philosophy, the right business starts with YOU, who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go. Then the next step is to research the business model that will serve your life.

I look forward to sharing your path.

Yours in Lifestyle, Income, Freedom, Equity (L.I.F.E.) Success,
Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA