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Let's chat about your very first and crucial step as aspiring entrepreneur. I invite you to connect and have an initial strategy call at no cost or obligation to you. Together let’s draft your possible roadmap to the rewarding world of business ownership. I will share possibilities on how you might build your dream of being your own boss. At the very least, you will leave our discussion with a plan of action and recommendations for your next steps.


 “Our mission is to advise entrepreneurs in strategizing business ownership while leveraging their strengths, in alignment with their goals in Lifestyle, Income, Freedom and Equity, and to optimize their success for the life of their business.”

We help you Open the RIGHT Business for YOU, anywhere in the United States through our unique methodology and by :

  • Identifying & leveraging your strengths.
  • Getting clarity on your goals in Lifestyle, Income, Freedom and Equity (L.I.F.E.)
  • Researching business models in alignment with your strength & your goals.
  • Advising you in vetting business ideas.
  • Mentoring you in growing your business.

Open For Business & Co is a boutique agency specializing in small to midsize business research, planning and growth.  I am Patricia Bottero St-Jean, International Business Advisor and Speaker on Small & Midsize Business (SMB) Ownership. I started the company as I have found that with most businesses that fail, many do because in the first place the owners entrepreneurs picked or were sold the wrong business for them or they assumed they could do everything on their own and didn’t team-up with expert help.  When I began my entrepreneurial journey, over 30 years ago, I often wished that a blueprint, a roadmap or “a someone”, could guide me through the exciting but often treacherous path that I had chosen: the path to self-sufficiency and empowerment via business ownership.

At Open For Business & Co, our unique approach is to first take a high level view of various possible routes to business, and to guide aspiring entrepreneurs to objectively identify the most viable opportunities for them. Together we evaluate:
– Startup models from a new idea.
– Turnkey franchises/business opportunity concepts.
– Acquisition of established businesses that are for resale.

Then we match the business with the entrepreneur’s objectives either as full time operator, or part-time or absentee investor who might pursue other activities such as a career path. We work with individuals who are seeking to diligently explore business ownership before they jump in and spend time, money, and energy growing a business that may or may not be the best for them and that may not align with their strengths, their needs and their goals.

Open For Business & Co creates an educational environment and resources aiming to optimize success in small business ownership to aspiring, new and established business owners.  Through our consulting, presentations, publications, webinars, and workshops we raise awareness of the success opportunities in small to midsize business (SMB).

What business owners often don’t realize; success in business is not how you want to work, and it is not about an idea that you fell in love with, it is how you want your LIFE to be. That is what should define the business you engage in and how you run it. In our philosophy business is a vehicle, and the right vehicle starts with YOU, who you are, who you want to be, where you want to go, how far you want to go, and how you want to craft your life. The next step is to objectively research and validate the business models in the sectors of industry that will best serve your life and your family’s. Finally, we help you plan, grow and refine your strategies to success in business and we continue supporting you through your entrepreneurial journey, so that you are never alone.

I invite you to book a strategy call with me to discuss how business ownership might be a viable vehicle to build a life of your own design. If you already own a business, we’ll examine a plan to grow your business to better serve your life.

Yours in Lifestyle, Income, Freedom, Equity (L.I.F.E.) Success,
Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA
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