Who are the Clients of Open For Business, LLC
Is your career at a crossroads? Could business ownership be the new road for you? In my role as an International Business Advisor, I assist individuals explore self-sufficiency should it be as semi-absentee or full time entrepreneur/investor. My clients are from the world over and seek a path to achieving lifestyle, income, freedom and equity with business as their vehicle to success. They are:
• Business owners who wish to take their business to the next level of growth or to re-route it to a more productive and profitable operation.
• Corporate professionals wishing to break free of the often elusive job security of working for others.
• Immigrants seeking the American Dream and residency via investors’ visas (E1, E2, or EB5.)
• Investors looking to diversify their revenue streams as absentee owners or full time owners.
• Parents who prioritize flexible time for their family while working on their business.
• Recent graduates driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.
• Retirees starting a new and exciting life chapter.
• Veterans returning from service to civilian life.
• Business Owners seeking to grow and scale their business.
Most recent Accolades from a Few Clients:

Shirley Calvert, M.A., GCDF Innovative and knowledgeable workforce professional. November 2, 2018
Patricia was a guest presenter to my networking group. Her presentation on “How to Start A Business That Leverages Your Strengths & Meets Your Goals” was awesome and well received by the job seekers. I found Patricia to be very professional and knowledgeable in her field. She knows how to speak to the audience and present the material in an engaging manner. Patricia is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others to achieve their dreams of owning their own business. I would highly recommend Patricia as a guest speaker to any organization. 

Bonnie Li, Owner CPA Bonnie Li Accounting Tax Service, LLP – Padgett Mountain View
Patricia helped me created my accounting firm Padgett in Mountain View from zero. She provided me very practical, patient and professional ways to analyze different business models and my personalities to finalize my choice that best suitable for me. Without her help, I won`t run my business this smoothly. I have been kept following her seminars and events up. Every time, there`s always an idea enlighten me that helps me running my business. I highly recommend Patricia who will provide you tailored and best business learning experience.
Andrew Peters
Product and Digital Marketing Consultant
After years in the corporate world it was time for a change and I felt trapped. Fortunately I met Patricia who has been my professional coach and the steady “hand on the tiller” guiding me to a professional rebirth through franchising. She used time and expertise to understand my situation and strengths and match me to an opportunity that I love without any pressure to take action on her behalf. Her nurturing counsel helped make the decision to start my own consulting business simple. Patricia’s business acumen is first rate which is proving important as she still provides coaching as I grow my business.
Alejandra Breach
Hotel Sales and Marketing Specialist
I’ve known Patricia for more than 9 years. First as a client in a previous job; she was very supportive, friendly and great to work with. Years passed, and when I heard she was coaching, I knew she would do an amazing job helping others. When the need came for me to figure out what to do with my professional life, I immediately thought of her, and with no regrets. The whole process went very smoothly, she was Never pushing to rush into a decision; with her experience and her insightfulness she came up with businesses that I was potentially interested and at the end I became a business owner! Thank you Patricia!! 🙂
Larry Tessler
SCORE Counselor/Mentor

Ms. Bottero St-Jean’s workshop on strategizing ownership using one’s own needs for a particular lifestyle, for income, for flexibility in one’s daily activities and for the equity one might develop from operating one’s own business was both insightful and actionable for the workshop participants. The participants left feeling they now had a better grasp on just what owning their own business might mean for their lives and also it provided them with the perspectives needed to decide whether to go forward to become a business owner or not. We at SCORE felt this workshop was so important that we will invite her back for an encore.

Louis (Lou) Pilastro
Healthcare Industry Professional
Patricia Bottero St-Jean coached me through the discovery process of several types of businesses. Her compassionate and yet disciplined coaching methodology was instrumental to a successful outcome of reaching a point of clarity. Her candid approach to helping me solidify my goals, combined with her vast knowledge and connections in the realm of small business, including but not limited to franchising, made the process of learning about business ownership and investments not only fun and educational but very effective. If you are wondering if business ownership is the right vehicle to reach your goals in income, lifestyle and equity, engage Patricia. She will go above and beyond to make sure that whatever business model and investment you select, it has the potential of meeting your goals and that it is optimally aligned with your strengths and talents. I highly value Patricia’s business advice and coaching and I have recommended her to my friends and family.

Nicolas James
Owner at the Well-Being Group

An extraordinary and happy piece of serendipity led us to Patricia Bottero St.Jean when we first moved to Santa Barbara. Having sold our business of 16 years, we were looking for new investment opportunities and new adventures. On being introduced to Patricia, whose passion and mission is exactly to help people find business opportunities tailored to their needs and skill sets, we started to work with her to find our new business. Over the course of many months Patricia has befriended us, guided us, and mentored us in the world of franchise investment. She is extremely affable and pleasant to work with and is generous in her commitment to her clients process, and in sharing her insight, experience and intelligence. Her method began with a thorough review of our needs, preferences and aptitudes, from which profile she started to focus our energies towards certain types of business. The combination of her personal skills and great experience helped us cut through the overwhelming number of different opportunities, and to focus in on the most appropriate types of business. At every step Patricia was by our side as we investigated and developed an understanding for the different franchise models, helping us clarify our thoughts and make informed decisions. It is clear that Patricia has a genuine passion for her work, which translates to a lively and engaged way of working with her clients. Her business acumen, combined with her warmth and humanity, make her the perfect business coach and we are both extremely grateful and indebted to her for her time, expertise and commitment to our future success and happiness. Patrica Bottero St.Jean comes highly recommended.
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