About Open For Business

Open For Business provides business ownership education, coaching and resources. Our primary aim is to help our clients succeed in business ownership. We share valuable business intelligence through our network of reputable professional resources such as accountants, attorneys, bankers, marketers and other business experts and through articles, podcasts, videos, webinars, workshops.

With Open For Business as partner, individuals researching business ownership and current business owners achieve their dream creating a life of their own design.

Whether you always had the entrepreneurial itch, or just recently became intrigued about the pros and cons of owning your business, it makes a lot of sense to take a step back and examine all of your options. There is more than one approach to becoming self-employed and choose the right approach for you is putting the odds in your favor. At Open For Business, we help you:
– Explore career options in business ownership as a transition away from corporate or as an investment in semi-absentee ownership while focusing on your current employment.
– Understand various approaches to business ownership: startups from the ground up, buying existing businesses that are for sale, and investing in new franchise units.
– Discover absentee business concepts as a way to mitigate the risk of an unexpected layoff from a full time job or to simply enjoy a lifestyle of their design.
– Create business plans and iterations of business ideas with the Lean Canvas aka One Page business plan.
– Research various sources of funding, either for startup or for growth.
– Find out how, as veterans returning from service, business ownership could be a viable way to leverage your talents and discipline and succeed in civilian life.
– Reside and work in the US as expats and foreigns nationals via an E2 or EB5 visa and research business investments that are compatible with your investor’s visas.

– Optimize and grow an existing small business.
– Find resources to overcome roadblocks or challenges in an existing business.
– Study seven disciplines of business ownership: 1) Leadership & Systemization, 2) Marketing, 3) Finance & Accounting, 4)Management & Human Resources, 5) Clients Fulfillment & Operations, 6) Lead Generation & Conversion 7) Innovation & Growth.
– Learn how franchising works as a expansion and growth methodology.
– Share their professional expertise in business in the form of educational workshops offered to business owners and network.

One fundamental truth that many business owners often forget is that one day, at some point you will exit your business. The sooner you realize what it takes to successful exit your business the more likely you will be to significantly cash-in on its equity and leave it for a new exiting chapter. In your next journey you might plan to retire, to pass your business on as a legacy to your family, or to start another new and exciting business. Either way, visualizing and planning for success in your exit is key. We coach you in:

– Defining a sound exit strategy in preparing a business for an eventual sale with optimal R.O.I. by cashing in on equity.
– Understanding how valuation of a small business works.
– Accessing potential investors/buyers of their business.
– Systemizing and structuring your business to make it attractive to new owners.

Our workshops, training and consulting are provided by seasoned speakers and presenters who have a professional expertise in the realm of small business and want to share to learn, grow and enjoy the immense benefits of business ownership.