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To the Aspiring Entrepreneurs of Startups & New Ideas – Turn Key Concepts – Businesses For Sale – Acquisitions –  Business Expansions:

The road to entrepreneurship is exciting but also strewn with dangers and obstacles. As you navigate the thrilling path of researching, creating and growing a business, you will find that the cost of not knowing what you don’t know can be tremendous to your business and often traumatic to you and your family.

Our decades of experience in the trenches of business ownership bring you a wealth of knowledge resulting in a competitive advantage to succeed in your entrepreneurial journey.


We help you OPEN FOR BUSINESS, anywhere in the United States,
to create a L.I.F.E. – Lifestyle, Income, Freedom, Equity – of your own design:

Understand & Leverage your Strengths – Research Business Models – Write a Business Plan – Find Business Funding – Mentor you as Leader of your Business – Expand your Business – Exit your Business.

Strategy Call
This is our first step. Our agenda is to discuss your goals and identify a high level strategy and timeline for your business ownership objectives including possible resources to finance a business or an expansion as needed. Our goal is to help you define possible paths and create your own roadmap to the completion of your business project. Depending on your timeline and objectives, below are a few examples of how we can advise you.

No Cost ~ 30-45 minutes.  Please schedule a Strategy Call HERE


Roadmap and Research to Business Ownership Anywhere in the US
Success in business starts with you and your “why.” The best business is one that leverages your strengths, passions and objectives. Pick the wrong business for you, and not only will you be miserable but the business will most likely fail. Through a comprehensive analysis of your experience, skills, talents and goals, we create your roadmap to business ownership by leveraging your strengths to your advantage. Then we research and help you evaluate your most ideal business models:
– Acquisition of an existing business that is for sale in your chosen geographic area, or
– Startup from your new idea, or
– Turnkey concepts such as franchises & business opportunities.
$365 per person/couple –  $100 per additional partner: Includes two hours of coaching to + plan of action + business research of several business models + professional recommendations including for funding if needed.

Start a Business in The USA for E2 and EB5 Visa Investments
We identify your objectives and possibilities in investing in a business in the US and in applying for an investor visa with the USCIS. Then we create a plan of action for the research, identification and validation of the most ideal businesses for you and your family based on your priorities and preferred location. We also communicate and coordinate with your immigration attorney. Should you need an immigration attorney and other key professionals such as CPAs, brokers, real estate professionals, etc., we will offer recommendations from our professional network.
$565 per person/couple –  $100 per additional partner: Includes two hours of coaching + plan of action + business research of several business models + coordination with immigration attorney.

Steps to Planning to Own a Business in 1 to 5 years
Business ownership is your dream and having one-on-one monthly guidance from an experienced professional to guide you will make it a reality sooner rather than later. As your business startup mentor and via our monthly discussions, I help you define your goals to make them attainable, and guide you step by step to make business ownership your reality while educating you on the main centers of business ownership: Leadership, Marketing, Funding, Operations, Exit Strategies.
$125 per 45 min à-la-carte session
$110 per session for 6 consecutive sessions* ($90 saving)
$85   per session for 12 consecutive sessions* ($480 saving)
*Packages of 6 and 12 sessions include a D.I.S.C. profile strengths assessment with business ownership analysis (a $250 value.)


Roadmap to Scaling, Franchising, or Selling your Business
Is your business ready for expansion or are you ready to move on to a new life chapter? If you are considering progressing to the next level, let’s discuss your options in either,
– expanding your current location, or
– creating another location, or
– creating a national franchise and become a franchisor, or
– planning your exit and selling your business.
During this strategizing session we will discuss the pros, cons and requirements of each and develop a roadmap to your next steps.
$365 Includes plan of action with roadmap + professional recommendations including for funding if needed.

Leadership Development & Coaching
If you find that it is lonely at the top it’s because it is.  Let’s say you are facing a business challenge or you are thinking of expanding or diversifying or you are burned-out and in the midst of an existential business crisis which could cost you your business. Most people who might help you can’t because they are too close to you, others don’t know how, and for many others including your employees helping you may not be in their immediate rational interest.  Yet your business success depends on your leadership and as your business grows so should you. Through our executive and strategic bi-weekly coaching sessions, we work on your business as you start it, grow it or plan to exit it. We are your secret competitive advantage.
$125 per 45 min à-la-carte session
$110 per session for 6 consecutive sessions* ($90 saving)
$85   per session for 12 consecutive sessions* ($480 saving)
*Packages of 6 and 12 sessions include a D.I.S.C. profile strengths assessment with business ownership analysis (a $250 value.)

Business Consulting per Project
Lean Startup business plan – Standard business plan – Marketing & business development plan – Team building/hiring – Quality & secret shopping systems, Operational systems, Expansion plans, Exit strategies. Please contact us to discuss your business needs and for a free proposal. If the scope of your project is beyond our expertise we will recommend several professionals who we trust can help you. Fee based on scope of project. See below for examples:

Business Evaluation & Feasibility
Depending on the type of enterprise that you have selected we help you gain a clear understanding of the viability and potential of the business or idea you are exploring:
Acquisition of a Business: We work with you the buyer, and brokers, to separate facts from fiction and allow you to objectively assess the business you are considering, by reviewing its key ratios and projecting potential earnings
Startups & Existing Businesses: We work with you on several iterations of your Lean Startup Business Plan (Canvas), to vet and refine your new idea/product/service against the market before your spent significant money, time and energy in a business that may not be viable yet.
– Turn-Key Concepts of Franchises or Business Opportunities: We help you infer a pro forma of revenues and expenses in your geographic area, which can be used in your business plan projections for financing, and before you invest in a turn-key concept such as a franchise or a business opportunity.
Expanding your Business
We advise you on growth pathways including examining the pros and cons of franchising your independent business as a method of expansion and advising you in vetting several franchise development companies.

Fee based on the venue, location and size of audience, please contact to discuss.

Sample of Topics:
– Strategizing Business Ownership for Success in Lifestyle, Income, Freedom and Equity.
– How to Start a Business in the USA with an E2 Visa.
– How to Create Lean Startup Business Plans or Canvas for Small Businesses or New Services / Products.
– Become A Franchise or Act Like One: Why Franchising Industry Grows Faster than the US Economy.
– How To Build Equity in Your Business and Plan a Successful Exit.
– Do You Own Your Business or Does It Own You? How to Prevent Burnout and Enjoy L.I.F.E. (Lifestyle, Income, Freedom, Equity.)
– How to Build Systems in Your Business to Save Yourself Significant Time, Energy & Money (S.Y.S.T.E.M.)
– Using Behavioral Strength Assessments (D.I.S.C.) to Hire the Best People for the Job and Build Winning Teams.


Patricia Bottero St-Jean, MBA
International Business Advisor & Speaker
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