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A Fireside Chat on The E2 Investor Visa, Immigration and Business Strategies

Immigration Attorney Sophie Alcorn and International Business Advisor Patricia Bottero St-Jean discuss the E2 visa. For a comprehensive review of the E2 visa, please see article published in our blog below: The Adventure Within an Adventure

Today is Your Day, Your Independence Day!

Today is your Day! Happy Independence Day! The 4th of July is my favorite Holiday. It colors my love for this country. Not just because when I was 24 years old, I spent the night of a 4th of July sleeping uncomfortably on a row of seats at a New York City airport awaiting my delayed connection to San Francisco. … Continue reading Today is Your Day, Your Independence Day!

Wake-up Call from Corporate

Was it your nth- layoff from yet another company where again you had poured your heart and soul into a mission, a vision, a project that, if successful, would bring glory, promotion and a forever needed raise? You followed the rules, met and exceeded unattainable standards of work ethics and dedication. Busy bee, you even … Continue reading Wake-up Call from Corporate

Welcome to the big world of small business ownership!

“Our mission is to provide practical education, outreach and resources to help small to midsize businesses succeed by collaborating as professionals each in our own field of expertise, by leveraging our combined knowledge, and by networking.” Open For Business is a business ownership lab founded by Patricia Bottero St-Jean, International Business Advisor, Mentor and Speaker. Our educational … Continue reading Welcome to the big world of small business ownership!